Look no further than Ronk Auto for all your automotive needs. We offer big business services with a family owned touch.

Ronk is the only qualified automotive shop in town that offers precision muffler installation, a two-year guarantee on catalytic converters and exhaust system work that holds a full-system lifetime guarantee.

Precision Muffler Services

Ronk is the proud owner of the Master-Bend 5000, the most technically advanced machine on the market today and the only one of its kind in Ronkonkoma, NY.

Our custom muffler center allows us to fit mufflers to any standard or high-performance vehicle with exact specifications that duplicate the original factory fit.

  1. Save time on your installation. A precision fit does not need to be fitted and re-fitted for accuracy.
  2. A perfect fit means a longer lasting muffler without the rattling and rusting that comes with mufflers that are poorly fit.
  3. We can also accommodate older vehicles and replace single sections that have rotted out.

Premium Exhaust Services

Whether you’re driving a car, SUV or commercial truck, we can accommodate all your exhaust work needs with high-quality parts and premium service for every customer.

Performance Exhaust System Services

A performance vehicle demands custom settings and superior quality parts to set your vehicle apart from the crowd. Find it all at Ronk Auto shop.

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